I ordered these shoes as a birthday present to myself.  I’m so excited for them. They represent such a change of priorities. My family is becoming more connected to nature on our little hikes and to each other. I’ve really enjoyed them and getting outside in the warm spring weather has become such a priority for us. Today my husband and I even talked about getting a bike rack for the car so we could bike with Z. along the beach. Such a change from our old life of going out and sunbathing on the beach. Now we want to be active and exploring all the conservation land and parks around us.  I was never much of an outside girl before but now it’s really important to me that we get out there. We want to see our son running in the fields. I’m excited and looking forward to the coming seasons as we hopefully grow our family. My father sent me a gift card to Amazon and the first book I ordered was The Essential Urban Farmer. Again, a change in priorities. I never would have ordered it a couple of years ago. Now I’m excited to nourish and feed my family as much as possible and grow and make my own food.

What has changed for you lately?

Musings on a Monday

Forgot my coffee this morning so I had to stop to buy some instead of having my usual french roast. This coffee is too weak. Get to work and the internet is down which eliminates me getting paperwork done today. (I’m on a student laptop right now connected to a random wireless network.) Too little sleep last night + IEP meeting with administrater=not a good day for this teacher who moms.

But here are some weekend highlights.

Walks! Two long walks, one around the fancy part of Cambridge. Saw a funky, cool play kitchen in this toy store that I want to go check out without a two year old in tow. Beautiful, old houses and cute stores to window shop.

Z’s almost 4 hour nap on Saturday. So much reading and knitting done. I managed to finish Salvage the Bones which I highly recommend. Different and cool.

Z and Papa snuggling and watching the Super Bowl.

No nap on Sunday meant to an early bedtime so I was able to watch Madonna’s halftime show. Also lots of knitting got done and I made good progress on a pair of mittens for Zanny. I also got halfway through Assumption which is a pretty good detective mystery.

All for now as I try to see what I can salvage out of this day!


Our Morning Routine


Z and I have a morning routine that when it works, works well. I get up at 5:30, dress, have a cup of coffee, pack our lunches, then sit for 5 minutes and maybe try to catch the weather. Around 6, Z calls for me and I go pick him up if he’s not ready to be awake, or he trots to the living room. He eats a light breakfast on the couch, a homemade muffin or Cheerios usually while I finish my coffee. I coax him to get dressed, we brush teeth, bundle up, grab a favorite toy, and coffee (always coffee!) and we’re off!

This is our vehicle of choice along with this for warmth. We have one car and I don’t really drive so we walk. Rain or shine, snow, bitter cold or blistering heat, we walk. It’s my favorite time of day. These are the things we just have to stop and visit. We live just outside of Boston so it’s a busy street. Lots to see!

More pictures are also here.

All snuggled in!

The road ahead!




Keep going, Mama!


We always stop and look at the stuffed creatures in this store window.


Choo-choo tracks! The best part.


The bell tolls 7:00.


Construction site. Almost to school!

Musings on a Monday

As I emerge from the mountain of grading the end of the term brings and the four IEPs I have to write along with the progress reports, my mind wanders to my weekend. I’ve decided to write about it instead of my work as our IEP Writing system program is down. Oh well.

 Such a nice weekend. Beautiful warm weather here for January. Z and I took lots of long walks and got treats and coffee at our local bakery. We played outside for hours with dried beans and little toys and threw a basketball around. We visited choo choo tracks and waited for a train. He took a long nap so I got to read the paper, write a little bit, almost finish up a hat. The warm winter here has made me itch for spring. I’m so excited to start our garden in our little yard this year. Last year was a trial run.

 The day’s almost over here and it went pleasantly quickly. I want to rush out of here, grab groceries and go home to the mayhem that the house turns into with “boys’ day”. When Papa is in charge the dishes pile up, the toys are everywhere, there is no nap. But I get a wonderfully sleepy, happy little boy at the end of the day. Sometimes you just have to bite your tongue and let it be.

Walking Meditation in a Winter Wonderland

I’ve read a bit on walking meditation as I’ve always been a dedicated walker due to being not much of a driver or into “working out”. So this type of meditation always seemed to be one I could see working for me. Sunday, after battles over snowsuits and appropriate winter attire, (No, you cannot wear your yellow hard hat instead of your warm, winter hat in 20 degree weather!) we set out to explore the newly fallen snow. (Finally, snow!) A toddler is a master lesson in walking meditation. Z was totally focused on one step in front of the other in his boots as he explored snow on bushes, climbing curbside mountains, scooping snow up with a wooden spoon. There was little conversation, just quiet. We wandered into the local park and he unburied favorite toys. It was amazing to watch him take in the newness of the familiar world around him. Before I had a kid, I did not look forward to the snow as it made traveling where I wanted to go difficult for me. This year, I was disappointed how long we had to wait for the first snowfall. Without it, winter is just cold and gray and dreary. The whiteness of the snow sparkles everything up. Later that afternoon, after a two-sandwich lunch, he conked out for a long, winter’s nap. After seeing him, I’d like to try a walking meditation myself being mindful of the world through the eyes of a toddler.



I love to walk. In fact, walking is the only exercise I can tolerate, besides yoga and even with yoga I run out of patience. There’s nothing I love more than packing up the stroller, grabbing an iced coffee, and heading out for the morning.

It’s rare when I’m walking without a stroller. Jonathan Franzen wrote in his book Freedom about a mother walking encumbered by the stroller with bags hanging off of it running her stroller errands. This totally fits me. And although I love it and am lucky my son loves it, I always feel amazingly free to be walking without one.

A few times it has happened lately that didn’t involve rushing to or from work. One was after putting our son to bed, I got a craving for ice cream. With my husband lodged on the couch, I set out down the street to the local ice cream shop on a summer night. It was still cool and as I was walking, there was a light breeze. I saw couples entering and leaving neighborhood restaurants and I realized, oh yeah, not everyone needs to jump through hoops to arrange a babysitter to go out. Some people have a nightlife. I felt a glimmer of who I used to be, someone who went out, who followed her every whim.

When I’m without the stroller, I run across streets without having to wait for the light. I can run into a shop without needing a team of people to hold the door for me. It’s amazingly freeing. I don’t even need a bag. I find myself volunteering to run out for a last minute grocery item or a bottle of wine just to savor the feeling.