Stay Flat

I thought this was a good take on bullying. How often do we model positive, kind, behavior for our kids? I can’t say that I always do.

 I’m at the point in the year where I’m frustrated and snippy. We’re near the end of the term, kids owe work and are unmotivated to do it. I also have quite a few students with excessive, unexcused absences who haven’t grasped the responsibility of making up work. But I haven’t reacted well and have been using angry words and tones.

 Last year, a colleague and I had a catch phrase we muttered to each other when our voices started to raise. “Stay flat,” meaning use a flat affect and tone when dealing with a frustrating situation with a student. You speak almost in a monotone and use short, directive statements and it keeps an escalated situation calmer and more serene. I need to remember that right now.

 In this book about mindfulness and teaching, the author talks about setting an intention for your day. This is my intention today. Stay flat.