Right Now I’m..

loving going to the farmer’s market and buying less because I’m growing it in my garden.

shaken up by last week’s storms and thinking I really need to get more insurance.

enjoying Z’s interest in taking care of the garden with his watering can and spray bottle.

happy to have siblings and cousins around this summer.

looking forward to some couple time and writing time the next few mornings.

eating tons of summer salads.

contemplating a trip to see more family soon.

proud of Z’s new big boyness.

Have a wonderful week!

Radishes and Drawing

Right now I’m…

Loving instagram which makes my iphone photographs look so much better than they are!

Thinking I’m going to have to get a second job to keep Z in drawing paper.

Enjoying the short radish season and waiting eagerly for the sprouting arugula.

Remembering how active summer is when Z fell asleep yesterday on the living room rug.

Getting reacquainted with nature with Z’s obsession with all things frogs and turtles.

Wishing you a a wonderful week!

Monday Musings

-loving Z’s interest in painting, drawing, coloring, and everything art.

-wondering if I’ll be able to keep him in paper and getting ready to scour the school recycling bins.

-proud of this table found at a yard sale.

-smiling at my first child-selected bouquet of flowers.

-nervous about my independent writing project I will be assigning during this end of the year, after MCAS, before finals purgatory.

-hoping this post doesn’t get lost again!

-wishing you a wonderful week!



Sunday Night Musings

loving that Z can play with other kids more independently now.

sighing over his first heartbreak-a classmate wouldn’t hold his hand.

listening to the sentences and words coming out of his mouth as he tells me about his days and thoughts.

grateful to have time alone with both parents this weekend after attending a memorial service for a friend’s mother.

amazed that no matter how long we know someone we can never know everything about another’s family and love story.

feeling guilty about calling out tomorrow but knowing I need just one more day to get meals and the work of the home done after a weekend away as we embark on a week of MCAS (me) and weeks of many banquets and parties to prepare (husband).

hoping for a turn in the weather after the much needed rain.

wishing you a wonderful week!

Where I’m At

-gearing up for another year of teaching The Outsiders. I think it’s my tenth year.

-happy that Z had such a good time with his cousins this weekend.

-full of new ideas from my sister-in-law for adding rhythms to our day and what to do with chickpeas.

-excited we found an awesome new place to hike.

-determined to change our bedtime routine.

-a little sad that naptime is going away-no more family naptime on the couch!

-wishing it was about 5 to 10 degrees warmer and regretting putting our rosemary out so early.

-looking forward to more weekend trips away to visit family this month.

-wondering how to get everything done on the weekends. A busy family visit=no food for the week in the house!

-wishing you a wonderful week!

Right Now…

Right now I’m

thinking I really need to figure out how wordpress works because I’m having the worst time inserting pictures.

savoring my memories of a week of vacation with beautiful weather.

taking pride in our growing urban garden.

watching the much needed rain splash on the roof outside my classroom window.

relishing the silence in the school building before the rush of students.

planning what to do with those students on a rainy monday. Perhaps some right now posts of their own?

missing my little boy but knowing he will have fun with papa today.

looking forward to the coming summer and realizing how lucky I am to have that time.

wishing you a wonderful week!