Spring Itch

These last few weeks have become dull in the world of teaching. We’ve had numerous assemblies, MCAS practice days, and the MCAS itself. The kids have had pretty standard assignments that they can complete independently because of the messed up schedule. Lessons are planned, IEPs are written, and I’m in March limbo. I look out the window and the weather is getting warmer, the sun is out, and I’m thinking of what I’d rather be doing if I had the time, the choice…

Which reminds me of this Boston Globe article.  The author of the book, Laura Vanderkam, states that we actually have more time than we realize, we just don’t spend it well. She figured out that she doesn’t work as many hours as she thought and basic housework takes minutes rather than hours. She realized she spend a lot of her time on the internet or wantering around the house.

I don’t think I spend too much time on the internet although it can be a time sucker, I’ll admit. But I get the wandering around the house thing. I definitely do that, picking up little toys, putting things away that are just going to be pulled out again. I’m always sort of surprised at school that when I sit down, stop checking my email, how quickly I can get stuff accomplished that I previously had put off doing.

I feel like I should be spending these freer days at work plainning curriculum, reflecting on my teaching, but I confess the Spring weather is calling to me. Perhaps a lunchtime walk to clear my head? I don’t know. March is a long month.