I feel as if I’m at an inbetween sort of place right now. In my classes, we are finishing books but not quite at the end of the year. They are phasing out the program I teach in so I will be inbetween positions next year. Not sure what that will look like. The garden is sprouting but nothing is quite full grown yet. Z. is too old for daycare but won’t start preschool until the fall. See what I mean? Inbetween.

I finished a unit and it’s up on TPT if you want to download the free preview here. It’s a unit for Keesha’s House that I’m especially proud of because it includes many different types of comprehension tasks. Check it out.

I’m posting today also because I need book suggestions. Next year’s group of 8th graders (this year’s 7th graders) are VERY reluctant readers and mostly boys. The current 8th grade curriculum is not going to engage them and will be too hard. They’ll probably be reading at about a 6th grade level. Any book suggestions? This is a list of what I’ve read with them or what they’re read in their reading classes:

The Outsiders

The Giver

Hunger Games

Warriors Don’t Cry

I’m thinking Touching Spirit Bear and maybe The Golden Compass although that might be too hard. I’d love to hear some other options so please comment! Thanks!