Positive Energy and Growing Up

I so need to be sending out positive energy right now. I’ve been sending out too many negative vibes. One is we’re trying to lay down the law with Z. I have a feeling that in my effort to pick my battles, I haven’t been picking enough of them. There are certain things he just needs to start doing starting with letting others do things for him like get up with him in the morning and put him to bed. This mama needs a break, you know? But battling involves firm words and negativity.

And we are so in the summer slide at school with the beautiful weather and hot days in unairconditioned old New England buildings. Have to keep the kids motivated and unfortunately I think that’s involved a little too many harsh words rather than positivity. Sometimes I just want to say, come on guys, it’s June! They’re going to be high schoolers so soon and as with most adolescents, especially middle school boys, they don’t really want to grow up and will fight it every step of the way.

I guess that’s the theme for this week: Helping kids grow up and become more independent when they’re ready and need to but don’t want to. Oy. Bring on the iced coffee!