I ordered these shoes as a birthday present to myself.  I’m so excited for them. They represent such a change of priorities. My family is becoming more connected to nature on our little hikes and to each other. I’ve really enjoyed them and getting outside in the warm spring weather has become such a priority for us. Today my husband and I even talked about getting a bike rack for the car so we could bike with Z. along the beach. Such a change from our old life of going out and sunbathing on the beach. Now we want to be active and exploring all the conservation land and parks around us.  I was never much of an outside girl before but now it’s really important to me that we get out there. We want to see our son running in the fields. I’m excited and looking forward to the coming seasons as we hopefully grow our family. My father sent me a gift card to Amazon and the first book I ordered was The Essential Urban Farmer. Again, a change in priorities. I never would have ordered it a couple of years ago. Now I’m excited to nourish and feed my family as much as possible and grow and make my own food.

What has changed for you lately?