It’s been a tough week back from vacation…

First, my son and I have had a crazy cold, probably shouldn’t have gone to school and work but did it anyway much to everyone else’s suffering.

The holiday break was full of stretches of time to be with my son…creating, baking, playing. Now that I’m back to work, I feel like my time with him is so much shorter and I spend it disciplining, setting limits, which at 2 and a half he needs, but still…

I’ve been reading a lot about mindful parenting lately. I’ll link to some of the books on this site. I’m trying to yell less but it’s hard when you’re sick and miserable. I’ve also been reading a lot of SouleMama and especially her new book. Now I have the fantasy of having a ton of kids and living in a farm house somewhere homeschooling with my sensitive husband. Knitting and repurposing antique furniture.

This week at work I’ve been super distracted from the task at hand which I suppose isn’t very mindful of me. I troll the internet, read blogs I like, and try to find information on how to become this mindful, meditative, work from home, creative woman I want to be. I feel like I’ve finally come out of the fog of mothering and rediscovering other passions.  Cooking, knitting, reading, BAKING!! I cannot stop baking! I have this need to stock our freezer like we’re bears and need to hibernate. I would love to go to this. It sounds amazing just to have the time to explore what you want to do. But what do I want to do, is the question.

 One way I’m trying to create more time for myself is getting rid of cable. My husband and I realized we do not need to turn on the tv at night. So although I will miss my trashy Real Housewives fix, we need to do this financially (property tax increase) and I need to do it creatively. More time to read, knit, think. I’m trying.