Baby Steps

There’s something about this weather that makes me want to hibernate with my family. It’s cold here with no snow so it’s hard to want to go out to play. I want to curl up with coffee and books.

We got rid of our cable. Not quite with the drama of this but still. Our property takes went up and I told my husband, we have Netflix, internet, two smartphones, etc. Something’s got to give. We are not these people. We do not need to be this entertained. He agreed. After calling the cable company and going through three sales reps (3!), I was directed down to the cable office to turn in my box. After a long line and being told I wasn’t saving that much money, only $20 a month, it was done. Every little bit helps. I’m hoping we’ll stop turning on the tv at night and there will be more time for reading, creating, writing, being quiet.

I will miss Real Housewives though.