He’s a Big Boy Now

Here’s my new big boy. Today he gave up the last na-na (pacifier) for good. He agreed to throw it out in the trash in exchange for a trip to the toy store. This event was preceded by much discussion.  We’d been playing with the idea for a while, he’d even been sleeping most nights without it. We’d thrown a couple out after they were “broken”. (I cut the tips off.) And we had talked and talked about saying no more na-na seriously for like a month.

I try not to to stress the whole “big boy” thing. But it is a struggle. There seem to be two schools of thought, child-centered or pushing them along a little. I admit, I didn’t love the idea of him going to preschool still needing a na-na for nap time. I also felt like it was getting manipulative. We had limited it pretty successfully to naptime and bedtime and he started pushing those limits a bit. I wanted to follow what he wanted to do, at the same time I do feel like he needs a little push now and then.

So he threw the na-na out this morning, we hiked, and then went to the toy store and he fell asleep in the car. He didn’t stay asleep when I put him down and then he asked for his na-na. I told him we had thrown the last one away and that’s why he had a new train.

Oh and he just wept. It was like he was in mourning. He just wept and wept. I know he had to process it and I’m not sure if I had waited if it would have been any easier. And he did bounce back after a trip to the farmer’s market and playing in his pool with a friend. Tonight he fell asleep, no problem, although we’ll see how the night goes.

It was a triumphant, but sad day.