We’re going away this weekend to my sister’s. I should be excited, right? Truthfully, I’m not that into weekends away. I feel like I fall behind. Last time I went away, I took Monday off to get stuff done like gardening and food shopping because it stressed me out so much not having everything set up for the week. This weekend is a long weekend and we’re coming back on Sunday but still. I noticed the arugula is browning this morning and I need to thin it out. I have to buy a birthday present for my nephew and pack before we go. I’ll have to take Friday off for the drive up. I think I’m turning into my mother. I would prefer to be at home, in my own yard, on my own routine. Is that awful?

Last summer we spent a week at the cape with family and I burst into tears one night. Z wasn’t sleeping, my husband seemed negative, it just seemed hard. My mother said vacation with children is just work in a different place. I guess that’s how I feel going away this weekend. Plus, there will be a party which causes social anxiety for me. I won’t know anyone and that’s always hard for me.

What about you? Are you a homebody too? Do you take lots of weekends away? How do your kids adjust to the change in routine?

Radishes and Drawing

Right now I’m…

Loving instagram which makes my iphone photographs look so much better than they are!

Thinking I’m going to have to get a second job to keep Z in drawing paper.

Enjoying the short radish season and waiting eagerly for the sprouting arugula.

Remembering how active summer is when Z fell asleep yesterday on the living room rug.

Getting reacquainted with nature with Z’s obsession with all things frogs and turtles.

Wishing you a a wonderful week!


I feel as if I’m at an inbetween sort of place right now. In my classes, we are finishing books but not quite at the end of the year. They are phasing out the program I teach in so I will be inbetween positions next year. Not sure what that will look like. The garden is sprouting but nothing is quite full grown yet. Z. is too old for daycare but won’t start preschool until the fall. See what I mean? Inbetween.

I finished a unit and it’s up on TPT if you want to download the free preview here. It’s a unit for Keesha’s House that I’m especially proud of because it includes many different types of comprehension tasks. Check it out.

I’m posting today also because I need book suggestions. Next year’s group of 8th graders (this year’s 7th graders) are VERY reluctant readers and mostly boys. The current 8th grade curriculum is not going to engage them and will be too hard. They’ll probably be reading at about a 6th grade level. Any book suggestions? This is a list of what I’ve read with them or what they’re read in their reading classes:

The Outsiders

The Giver

Hunger Games

Warriors Don’t Cry

I’m thinking Touching Spirit Bear and maybe The Golden Compass although that might be too hard. I’d love to hear some other options so please comment! Thanks!

Sunday Night Musings

loving that Z can play with other kids more independently now.

sighing over his first heartbreak-a classmate wouldn’t hold his hand.

listening to the sentences and words coming out of his mouth as he tells me about his days and thoughts.

grateful to have time alone with both parents this weekend after attending a memorial service for a friend’s mother.

amazed that no matter how long we know someone we can never know everything about another’s family and love story.

feeling guilty about calling out tomorrow but knowing I need just one more day to get meals and the work of the home done after a weekend away as we embark on a week of MCAS (me) and weeks of many banquets and parties to prepare (husband).

hoping for a turn in the weather after the much needed rain.

wishing you a wonderful week!

Counting the Days

This weather just makes me feel like writing this Thursday morning. And drinking herbal tea which I’m slowly but surely trying to replace some of my many cups of coffee with. I’m excited and happy for many things. I think we’re going to get the okay to get paid to modify the 8th grade History curriculum this summer with new textbooks. Keesha’s House is going well, (but fast!) with the 8th graders. The Outsiders is still slow going. Both of these books are ones that the kids enjoy but I don’t love teaching. My 8th graders are quietly finishing Keesha’s House right now as I write this and adding to their thinking maps. More on those later. I marvel how they will be in high school in a few short months.

Home is well with a sprouting garden with all this rain. Z and I came home yesterday to a stocked fridge and pantry because of my dear working husband. A big bowl of watermelon awaited Z which stopped a fit of whining in its tracks. Bedtime was late because of a daycare nap but I did get to watch this Cyndi Lauper performance and my guilty pleasure show on my laptop. Looking forward to a trip to NH this weekend. So far, a languid, slow-paced, rainy week but counting the days until summer!

Where I’m At

-gearing up for another year of teaching The Outsiders. I think it’s my tenth year.

-happy that Z had such a good time with his cousins this weekend.

-full of new ideas from my sister-in-law for adding rhythms to our day and what to do with chickpeas.

-excited we found an awesome new place to hike.

-determined to change our bedtime routine.

-a little sad that naptime is going away-no more family naptime on the couch!

-wishing it was about 5 to 10 degrees warmer and regretting putting our rosemary out so early.

-looking forward to more weekend trips away to visit family this month.

-wondering how to get everything done on the weekends. A busy family visit=no food for the week in the house!

-wishing you a wonderful week!

Right Now…

Right now I’m

thinking I really need to figure out how wordpress works because I’m having the worst time inserting pictures.

savoring my memories of a week of vacation with beautiful weather.

taking pride in our growing urban garden.

watching the much needed rain splash on the roof outside my classroom window.

relishing the silence in the school building before the rush of students.

planning what to do with those students on a rainy monday. Perhaps some right now posts of their own?

missing my little boy but knowing he will have fun with papa today.

looking forward to the coming summer and realizing how lucky I am to have that time.

wishing you a wonderful week!

Blueberry Bushes and Bedtime

I don’t know why I haven’t written anything substantial in almost two weeks. I’ve certainly started enough posts in my head. Work was rough before break and there certainly wasn’t time to dash off any deep thoughts. Without revealing too much, politics and parents are really getting me down.

Another problem is bedtime. Z. is going through this phase where he wants me to stay with him until he falls asleep. The virtuous mindful parent in me wants to honor this as this is what he needs right now and pretty soon he won’t want me around and I should savor this. The Ferber parent feels manipulated and that the kid is almost three and should go to sleep on his own after his proper bedtime routine. Either way, I’m not getting time to myself until about 9pm unless he’s skipped a nap. I just snuck out of the prison made of dinosaur sheets and Toy Story decals. I either wait until he’s sleepy enough and I can tell him that I’m just going to the bathroom or I get pissed off and snap at him everytime he giggles or I fall asleep. See my awesome options?

The thing is I don’t care what he does in there. He can have a keg party as long as I don’t have to stay until my bedtime.

On a better note, we has an awesome “weekend” away. (Chef’s hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday). We stayed overnight in a hotel sans child (at my mom’s). It was my first night away from Z. Harder than I thought but incredible. The best part was after our amazing dinner, my husband put his arm around me and asked, “You wanna just get some beer and go back to the hotel and watch The Voice?”


Oh and we got blueberry bushes. More on those and the sprouting garden tomorrow. (I hope!)

Don’t Let It Get You Down…

Warning: This picture has nothing to do with this post. I just like it.


I’m having one of those teaching years. You know, when it feels like all of the parents of your students are unhappy with you and are almost trying to catch you making mistakes.  It happens every few years. In reality, it’s just a couple of parents but it’s easy to get caught up in the emails and innuendos. I’m having one of those years.

I’m trying not to get caught up in it, to realize it’s just a few parents out of many, but it’s hard not to take it personally. I’ve had a crisis of confidence lately which isn’t helped by my little boy really wanting me to stay home.

Oh April break. You can’t come soon enough! Recoup and rejuvenate!

A Good Meal

Oh my god, what a difference a good, healthy meal makes! Last night we had fish tacos with fresh salsa and a lovely kale salad for dinner. I also cut out my mid-morning cup of coffee for ginger tea. I feel so much better! My nerves are less fryed, I feel more motivated, work is annoying me slightly less. I think my feelings of being bummed out the last couple weeks were partly related to food choices. My husband was working a lot of nights which means dinners of bread and cheese. Often I was having no breakfast or some sort of pastyr and yogurts and granola bars for lunch. I want to recommit to whole foods again, more grain and veggie salads, less dairy and bread. We’ll see. Meanwhile here is my favorite kale salad recipe.

1 bunch of kale

1/2 purple cabbage

2-3 grated carrots

1 bunch of broccolini or other favorite green vegetable


orange juice

red wine vinegar

salt and pepper.

ground flaxseed (optional)

Strip the leaves of the kale and rinse. Chop the kale and cabbage REALLY finely. Grate the carrots and chop the broccolini. Combine in a big bowl.

Combine the dressing ingredients. Use amounts to your liking. Pour over veggies. This salad is awesome because it keeps forever with the dressing on it.