The Trip


The weekend was full of hiking, waterfalls, cousins, good food, birthday parties, tomato planting, and siblings. A good, busy weekend which admittedly we don’t usually have. The busy part. No naps for Z meaning catch up with sleep this week. Long naps in the stroller while Mama does her errands.

And summer is coming! We planted tomatos and basil this weekend. The lettuce and arugula are up and we’re almost done with the radishes which are so spicy and yummy. A perfect start to the garden season. Zucchini and peppers and cucumbers are just starting and I’m crossing my fingers for some continued warm weather to help the peppers along. Herbs are coming in although next year I’m just going to do plants as I don’t think I’ll get much out of them. Maybe I can keep them going through the winter. And I’m just amazed at the blueberries!

Every morning I stand at the window with my coffee and stare out at the garden. I want to spend my days out there weeding and fussing over the plants instead of going to work. But so soon, so soon.

I wish I had more pictures for you. I love pictures on other blogs but I’m not very good about taking them. I’ve really been into instagram lately. The uploading process slows me down as my computer is getting older and slower and often I’m blogging from my work computer which means emailing pics back and forth. I’m guessing there’s probably an easier way, I just don’t know it.

I want to write some summer goals here in the next couple of days to keep focused. Goals about writing and planting and making and growing more of our own stuff rather than buying. My husband noticed my sister has lots of old antique furniture and is finally on board with thrifting instead of Target. He’s even making an easel out of our old, broken, illegal dropside crib so more on that.

How was your weekend? What are some of your goals for the summer season?

A Good Meal

Oh my god, what a difference a good, healthy meal makes! Last night we had fish tacos with fresh salsa and a lovely kale salad for dinner. I also cut out my mid-morning cup of coffee for ginger tea. I feel so much better! My nerves are less fryed, I feel more motivated, work is annoying me slightly less. I think my feelings of being bummed out the last couple weeks were partly related to food choices. My husband was working a lot of nights which means dinners of bread and cheese. Often I was having no breakfast or some sort of pastyr and yogurts and granola bars for lunch. I want to recommit to whole foods again, more grain and veggie salads, less dairy and bread. We’ll see. Meanwhile here is my favorite kale salad recipe.

1 bunch of kale

1/2 purple cabbage

2-3 grated carrots

1 bunch of broccolini or other favorite green vegetable


orange juice

red wine vinegar

salt and pepper.

ground flaxseed (optional)

Strip the leaves of the kale and rinse. Chop the kale and cabbage REALLY finely. Grate the carrots and chop the broccolini. Combine in a big bowl.

Combine the dressing ingredients. Use amounts to your liking. Pour over veggies. This salad is awesome because it keeps forever with the dressing on it.