Sketching, Sketching, Sketching




Z’s been really into drawing lately which makes me deliriously happy for some reason. My father and brothers are very artistically talented and I never felt I was so I guess I’m hoping he got some of their genes. I really believe in having high quality art supplies. We always did growing up. We had our own sketchbooks that we picked out ourselves, really nice markers and pencils, etc. I’m trying to do the same for Z. We’re lucky enough to have a built in china cabinet with some drawers in our “dining room”. (Really a playroom with the kitchen table!) Those drawers have pretty much been devoted to art supplies. Every morning, Z rushes to those drawers to pull out his favorite medium, pencils and papers, and proceeds to fill up pages and pages of his “persons”. He’s working on smiles now and bodies. He reminds me of my brothers, the way he can do this for hours and hours. He also likes to paint. He really enjoyed watercolors for a while and I also bought some Crayola washable paint that he will paint with outside. I’m really hoping this interest is lifelong. The only problem is sketchbooks! He fills them daily! I’ve been trying to bring home recycled paper from work, discarded essays and leftover printouts from websites. It’s also hard to throw older drawings away. I want to keep everything but the volume is incredible! Yet, we really don’t have the space and he’ll draw on anything including Mama’s mortgage statement. For his birthday, our plan is to turn his old drop side crib into an easel kind of like this. That’s our plan anyway so we’ll see. In the meantime, our table has turned into a home for “works in progress” and I couldn’t be happier!

Weekend Highlights

It was cold here this weekend. We were expecting a storm that never came. I confess, I was worried about it, especially when the snow didn’t come. We don’t do well when we can’t get outside. But Z was in an inside mood. He painted and played and narrated and wanted to read lots of stories. I neatened up his bookshelf and he discovered books he hasn’t thought about in a long time. He was very excited.

My husband worked at night this weekend so we had his company in the morning. This meant big breakfasts and lots of father-son wrestling while mama got a little baking and knitting time in. Plus, while Z and I made granola and cookies, he vacuumed which is my number one most hated chore. All in all, a sweet, quiet weekend while we anxiously wait for Spring!


Highlights from the long weekend….

-Having a night home alone with me and my little guy. Quiet, peaceful, snuggling.

-Rocking to sleep during naptime.

-A walk under some train tracks collecting bits for our ice wreath.

-My mother coming to visit just to help me make some bread.