Public Parenting

The other day when we were leaving the house I saw a mom with a baby on a bike seat and an older boy riding his own bike. The boy looked like he was refusing to cross our little side street and the mom had that look of frustration. You know. THAT look.

What struck me about the scene was how honest it was because too often I don’t see that. We’ve been spending many mornings in parks lately and I find myself participating in what I call “public parenting.” I will be EXTRA patient and explain every little motivation I have for doing what we’re doing and I see other moms do it too. Like our three-year olds care why we have to leave the park or why they should stop throwing sand. I feel like we’re performing for each other. I state these long explanations, almost like I’m explaining to other moms why I’m doing what I’m doing. Why do we do this? Has parenting (Oh, how I hate that word!) become a performance art?

Husband is giving me a little break this morning and is taking Z. swimming. I’m prepping food to take to the beach since it’s going to be so hot the next two days. I roasted some beets I got at the farmer’s market and made a spicy pasta salad. My fingers hurt a little from the poblanos! Looking forward to hanging on the beach the next couple of days.

If it’s not too early, have a lovely weekend!

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