Writing Time

I think this is my problem with teaching writing: I get bored of the assignments. I can teach in week long increments and then I’m ready to move on. To follow a written piece to its logical conclusion ideally takes longer than a week.

I’ve assigned this final writing project which is basically a free choice for the last weeks of school. So much of special education writing instruction is skill based. This is how you write this type of paragraph, etc. I wanted my students to experience what it’s like to really WRITE. Revise, conference, rework, for a long period of time.

My 8th grade is loving it, 7th grade not so much. I think they’re not ready maturity wise for such loose boundaries. This is the thing though-I have SILENT writing periods. No fires to put out, nothing. I was getting bored of sitting there watching students at their computers and I had an epiphany. I should be writing too. I grabbed an extra composition notebook out of my closet and so here I am coming up with ideas, queries, and blog posts and being an example to my students. How can I stress the importance of writing if I don’t do it myself?

This might be the best time for me to establish a good writing routine. This summer, I will be in mom mode-parks, popsicles, and road trips so I’m taking this time to make sure I don’t forget about my “writerly” self.

2 thoughts on “Writing Time

  1. Finding the time to write is a challenge, no? I find that I try to slip in a little writing time here and there. And getting up earlier than my brood – that’s key. But you are so right when you say about stressing the importance of writing by writing yourself. So true. Now to just find the time to do it!

    • Thanks Tonya! I feel like I’ve just kind of rediscovered writing after so many years away from it. I would love to get up earlier than my brood of one 3-year-old (today!) but he’s an early riser, 5:30! I can’t quite do it yet!

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