Mercury in da House

My brother called me yesterday, out of the blue which he never does. He’s been feeling kind of down and he went into a friend’s astrological explanation about Mercury being in his house and planet alignment leading to a general feeling of malaise. I didn’t catch it all but I commiserated that I’d been feeling a little melancholy myself. So has my husband.

So what is it? Is it astrology? Is Mercury in my house? Or is it the ever changing March weather?

There are good things happening. There might be an opportunity at work for me to have a job writing more curriculum and less of the mundane paperwork. This round of MCAS is almost over. I think I’ve started to get through to my son that hitting mama is not okay. (Any ideas on that one would be greatly appreciated!)

But I still feel a little sad. I want more time as a family. I want less politics and more decisiveness at work. I want the weather to warm up and to start my garden. I want Z. to be happier and more independant from me. I want…

So that’s where I am this Monday morning. Where’s your mind this week?


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