Things I’m Thinking…


-I have this windowsill in my kitchen that we end up putting all of our odds and ends: chapstick, seashells, cool rocks, Z’s watercolor paint water cup, paintbrushes. I love it. I set up little displays.

-I made some really good bread this weekend from James Beard’s book. It’s called French Style Bread. I actually set a timer for 10 minutes when I was kneading the dough. It really made a difference. I think with some tweaking, I can make it like a crusty loaf of bakery bread and stop buying bread altogether.

-Anxious about the coming week. Z is really sick, we even sucked up the $25 copay with our sucky new insurance to go to the doctor. Of course it’s a virus, which I knew but he’s definitely been sicker than I’ve ever seen him. I also have to proctor MCAS this week which all you Mass. teachers know means no calling out. It sucks to have the “Who’s going to take care of the kid?” conversation with my husband. Makes me feel guilty.

-Looking forward to Spring and Summer with the warm weather. Z slept in the stroller on our long walk and ran into an old friend. Was able to sit on the porch and read the second book in the Hunger Games trilogy. I’m getting excited to teach the first book next year.I’m also getting excited to start the garden and have started looking at seeds online.

-Have a wonderful week!


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