Musings on a Monday


-He is so happy and content with something as simple as a red lollipop. He’s made the connection between eating meals and an after meal treat. Lately, he’s been choosing something so simple, a red lollipop. He spends hours with it, staring at it more than licking it. At naptime, when he’d fallen asleep I had to pry it out of his sticky fingers.

-We did yoga to Adele this weekend. He loves Adele.

-Stuck close to home this weekend with the gloomy, cold weather. New window treatments came and my husband put them up. My first major house purchase makes me feel like I finally have a home!

-I put a new unit up on teachers pay teachers. Doing this has helped me be so much more organized in teaching, an unexpected benefit.

This article made me think about our new teacher evaluation system. Will I too be a “bad teacher”?

-The weekend was too short. Only had time to make a pot of beans that will feed us this week. We love rice and beans. I worked on being more mindful when playing with him and found myself getting lost in the play.

-Have a wonderful week!

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