Musings on a Monday

Forgot my coffee this morning so I had to stop to buy some instead of having my usual french roast. This coffee is too weak. Get to work and the internet is down which eliminates me getting paperwork done today. (I’m on a student laptop right now connected to a random wireless network.) Too little sleep last night + IEP meeting with administrater=not a good day for this teacher who moms.

But here are some weekend highlights.

Walks! Two long walks, one around the fancy part of Cambridge. Saw a funky, cool play kitchen in this toy store that I want to go check out without a two year old in tow. Beautiful, old houses and cute stores to window shop.

Z’s almost 4 hour nap on Saturday. So much reading and knitting done. I managed to finish Salvage the Bones which I highly recommend. Different and cool.

Z and Papa snuggling and watching the Super Bowl.

No nap on Sunday meant to an early bedtime so I was able to watch Madonna’s halftime show. Also lots of knitting got done and I made good progress on a pair of mittens for Zanny. I also got halfway through Assumption which is a pretty good detective mystery.

All for now as I try to see what I can salvage out of this day!


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