Our Morning Routine


Z and I have a morning routine that when it works, works well. I get up at 5:30, dress, have a cup of coffee, pack our lunches, then sit for 5 minutes and maybe try to catch the weather. Around 6, Z calls for me and I go pick him up if he’s not ready to be awake, or he trots to the living room. He eats a light breakfast on the couch, a homemade muffin or Cheerios usually while I finish my coffee. I coax him to get dressed, we brush teeth, bundle up, grab a favorite toy, and coffee (always coffee!) and we’re off!

This is our vehicle of choice along with this for warmth. We have one car and I don’t really drive so we walk. Rain or shine, snow, bitter cold or blistering heat, we walk. It’s my favorite time of day. These are the things we just have to stop and visit. We live just outside of Boston so it’s a busy street. Lots to see!

More pictures are also here.

All snuggled in!

The road ahead!




Keep going, Mama!


We always stop and look at the stuffed creatures in this store window.


Choo-choo tracks! The best part.


The bell tolls 7:00.


Construction site. Almost to school!

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